Monday, June 29, 2009

Servants of the Lord

Last Month was a blessing. We were able to have two missionary familes visit our Church.
The first Missionary family has been ministering in Cuba. It is so interesting, how they
have to be so very careful of what they do and what they preach. Always looking out because of the danger that is ever present. But they do have a few national preachers there to carry on the work of the gospel. Please pray for this Family "The Roes" and there willness to go and teach others about Jesus Christ in a Communist country.

The other Missionary Family was Bro Aya who is from Coloumbia. They need your prayers
and support for the work their in Columbia. Also it is another place of danger and much violance. They just lost and elderly couple from there church. They where found beaten to death by a gang. Just because of there stand for Christ. Please pray for these soldiers of
the cross. God bless those who would serve Him faithfully.

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