Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ladies Fall Felowship Meeting

Well, How do I start. The Lord was Good, we had a blessed day in the Lord. Our church had hosted a Ladies one day retreat on Sat Nov. 14, 2009. We had planned it for 3 months. The Ladies where so great to get involved in the planning. I had someone working on the invitations, and someone organizing the music. Also I had a Lady organize the food and many helping with decorations, favors and gifts. It was such a blessing to see everyone get involved.
Then Sat came and the Lord blessed again. We had over a hundred ladies there. I also had some special speakers, Mrs Provi Martin, a missionary from Honduras, and Ann Moore, missionary to Nicaragua. Also a Young Lady from our own Church. The Theme was on "Gleaning Blessing in the Harvest of the Lord". They did a great job on their messages. It started from the gleanings of blessings in the book of Ruth. To the blessings in their lives, even threw the trails that we go through daily. It seemed that we all went away being blessed. It was such a God honoring Day. Praise His Name. I'm looking forward to next year.

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