Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A day at the Hospital

Yesterday was and interesting day. It started out as a normal Tuesday morning with our devotions and breakfast. Then we both got ready for the things that we had to do. My husband had and appointment at 10 am. at the church with the security system company. To see what it would cost to have our system upgraded. When I got a phone call to come to the church. He said that he was in severe pain and needed me to bring him some medicine for his back. But when I got there he was in bad shape with the pain. So, needless to say, that it was not his back after all, but rather it was a kidney stone. He was in such pain. He tryed to wait it out, but when he started throwing up, we knew that it was time to go to the emergency room. I got him at the ER and things got worse. So they got him a room and the nurse started and IV with fluids and pain meds. They also gave him a shot to get things going faster. After about three hours he started feeling a little better. Then they took a CAT scan and found a stone that was 2 milometers. It had already started to move down. I guess with all that fluid that they were giving him, helped him to go. We still have not seen the stone. But we are so thankful that we able to come home around 6 pm last night. He is in no pain for now. I can't understand how these things can be so painful.

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