Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Steanboat Arabia

This is a great cite. We had a missionary family at our church this weekend. She was talking about The Vicksburg battlefield and I told her that it was a great experience when we went. I enjoyed the history on the Battle between the North and South and the Steamboat Ciaro. How they recovered it and restored it artifacts in it. Then she shared with me about the steamboats that traveled on the Misouri River in the 1800's. One of them was called the Arabia. It was used to take supplies up and down the Misouri river to the trading posts. One night as it was on it's way down river, it hit a large tree under the water, it sank. All aboard survived.

But after many years of the river moving and changing it's route. They found the Arabia in the middle of a corn field. This family desired to dig for it to salvage it's history. Today it is a large Museum in Kansas city, Misouri. I hope that you all will enjoy viewing this cite. Go to www Steamboat Arabia.com or

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