Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow, It has been over 3 months since I have shared anything on my Blog. Where has the time gone?
Time, Time, Time, What about our time? Job talks about how time flies. In Job 7:6 says," My days are
swifter than a weavers shuttle, and are spent with out hope."
I know we say that we are so busy, or, that we don't have time. But we can make time for those things that we think are important. How important are the things that take up our time? Not important. Time flees so fast, we need to enjoy every moment that has been given us. Because we do know what another day will hold. Job says "are days are swifter than a post: they flee away." When I think about the times in my life that have gone so quickly. I wish that I would have taken each moment a little slower and enjoyed the time. Let us cherish each moment, Because once it is gone it is gone.
Let us use are time wisely.

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